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South Africa, what an amazing country, we pay our staff for coming to work and not for actually working. If a person is 45 minutes late there is uproar and warnings, verbal or even written, are issued, but nobody monitors what he and his colleagues spend their time on during the day.


98% of companies are unwilling, unable or don't care to measure productivity and efficiency which directly leads to low Return On Investment (R.O.I.) If the Japanese can measure productivity and efficiency and the Germans are renowned for productivity, efficiency, reliability and the new boys on the block, the South Koreans who measure productivity and efficiency are ALL serious contenders in their fields of endeavour. And I challenge any South African company to go up against the Japanese, Germans and South Koreans and beat them at their own game without being able to measure how long it takes to make, assemble, quality control and sell it for a decent profit. YEAH RIGHT.


Logic prevails that if you could measure your productivity and efficiency you have a starting point and can improve on it. Kaizen, (roughly translated) Same as yesterday only better today.





a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.



Tenders are awarded daily amounting to billions. An interesting fact is that some make a profit and some don't, if only we knew which ones did and which ones didn't. Some projects stick out like a sore thumb when they lose money, other projects are dubious and don't know if they made a profit or not. The profit margins are too small to take risks.


The cost of labour is spiralling out of control.


Cheap v Quality you can't have both.


The cost of marketing is usually allocated to sales. The overall cost of the product fall into "apparent" cost and the "apparent" cost of labour.


Unknown factors:- What does it cost per hour to open your doors in the morning? 99.9% of companies don't know the answer to this. I don't know about you, but I find that scary.

Give us a minute and we will give you back hours!



                     is NOT seen as

                          THEFT OF OVERTIME.



By Staff,  it is seen as a Company PERK –

                                        Besides the BOSS can afford it!


As the MAN IN CHARGE, it your responsibility to remove the temptation for staff to claim OVERTIME.


Did you miss that the part when we said “REMOVE THE TEMPTATION


                                   TALK TO US.



YOUR Staff

Asset or Liability?

Have you ever considered the efficiency of your machinery?

Sentri Job Costing can do this for you.


Each machine is allocated an employee number the rest of the process is the same as monitoring your employees.

011 704 7000

Sentri Job Costing

011 704 7000